Sunday, 28 February 2016

welcome to ghost story iii

Welcome to the third of a series of poetry all specially wrote for Napwrimo (National Poetry Writing Month).

Ghost Story originally began in 2013 (
in a attempt to create a poetic novel of 30 chapters or 30 poems if you like, where throughout each day in April, I shall write and unveil for you a poem which will eventually tell a story over poetry.

Ghost Story I ( told in 2013 detailed the first meeting between a man called Andy who gets visited by a ghost called Michelle on a metrolink (light overhead rail) who comes to warn him not to get on a metrolink one day, and against what she says ends up rescuing dozens of people from the crash.

Ghost Story II ( created and wrote in 2014 moves the story forward some time later after Michelle vanishes at the end of the last story into a heaving, busy train station where a sniper gets on top of the roof and murdering as many people as he can, and pinned down in the middle of it, Andy gets visited by Michelle again. After the pair of them manage to stop the sniper, the end of Ghost Story II sees him head into pastres afresh, the story far from over.

Ghost Story III will follow the story onwards taking the pair of them into a mysteries place underground called the Project while a mysteries rat shaped person starts running amok overground and other shady characters start making their presence known.

Like in past years, the main story shall be told over 30 days in hopefully 30 poems at least.

As with last year, from the 01 March 2016, 5 specially wrote prologue poems will appear all designed to set the scene, building the bridge between the first and second parts on the four Saturdays throughout March 2016, 7th, 14th, 21th and 28th March before the story starts properly on 01 April 2016 and also as following previous years, I am opening up the story for people to write either their ghost story (even poetry or short story or fiction I don’t mind) or within the narrative which will develop.

Get in touch on my email address on or viva facebook 

I don't mind if the piece is previously published etc but let me know when submitting and i can note it on the blog.

Length doesn't matter to me but of course keep it reasonable.

The blog shall be live until 1st May 2016, so get your submissions in anytime until then from now of course.



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