Friday, 1 April 2016

Part I

(NB. Welcome again guys to Ghost Story III. Loads to say which will appear as we go along but enjoy the first part which is a scene setter you could say for what is going to happen in this storyline and who knows maybe beyond..)

Part 1

The press were still reporting
About the slaughter at the station
For days after.

Lacing into the carnage
With every angle imaginable
From the young girl
At W H Smiths
Who thought she saw a ghost

And the policeman
Who nearly died
For the following two weeks
In the hospital
Almost convinced that God
Sent him a angel
To guide him
Into the afterlife,

Interlinking human interest stories
With the just plain daft
And melodramatic
From schoolboys shielding
Their pet dogs,

To a train driver
Who slept through everything
In his carriage,

Bleeding out every ounce
Of possible news
They could
Before they would move
Onto the football
Just up the road,

Totally not realising
This was just the beginning

Of the end.

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