Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Part XX A and B)

(Part 20 sees Brooks  waiting and another piece about the Monster)

XX (A)

Almost carrying through
Some of the buildings
Like a ghost’s footprints
Brooks’s cigarette smoke
Carried across the corner

And across the river
Biding its time
Offering a distinctive
Double meaning
With each puff,

Telling all to hurry
The bloody hell up
Without having to say
Another word
Knowing he was
The middle man
Without wanting to be.

XX (B)

By the end of the
Second week
The hunger was immeasurable

Asymmetric in sweetness
Faces crying out sometimes
Other times not

Fashioned in caculated pain
Touched in sadness
Sometimes remembering
The name Lucas

Other times not

Sometimes endless tunnel;s
Cutting deep into his throat

Blinded in others laughter



Before his blindness eroded
Whispering in his ear

Stripping memories
Into poison

Then hunger.

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