Friday, 8 April 2016


(NB.. Doomed.. Yes, these next two pieces follow straight on)


Andy looked at Michelle
Solemn like for a few seconds
Before whispering

heightening his total lack
of understanding
dying into a frozen stillness

drilling past their nerves

‘Doomed?’ He repeated
dead fingered
into forced geometry
‘I don’t understand’

‘It’s the beginning
of the end of the world’
Ghana answered
Without emotion. 

Part VIII (B)

Ghana looked at Andy
For a few seconds
Bending her finger
Into calligraphy figures
Dancing in the shadows
In silence
Before he eventually spoke,

‘What do you mean
the  end of the world?’
He asked somewhat shocked
Chasing his stunned breath
Through the silence
‘and who are you?’

‘You may call me, Ghana’
she looked at him surprised
‘I was there at its birth’
before concluding
‘and I will be here
after your world has died’

faciliting a panic
that ran through both of them
for different reasons.

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