Thursday, 21 April 2016

Part XXI (A and B)

(Two parts today although it could have been one almost
covering the meeting between Andy, Michelle, Ghana and Michelle
and a hint of something in the past)


‘Ghana’ Brooks said as soon
as the three of them
turned the corner

‘You’ve lost weight’ Ghana smiled
draining the tension
like a rising sun in a field

diminishing the tension

slicing the past into the present

rejoining lovers from different backgrounds
back together


‘I’ve given up the burgers
and joined the gym
What do you think?’
Brooks said smiling
‘I’ve been busy
dealing with killers
you know’

dealing his words
like a poker dealer
casually throwing his cards
onto the table
without worrying
what the players would get

‘I know you’ Andy said
stepping out of the shadows.

‘Everybody does, boy’ Brooks
‘Even heroes at train station’

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