Thursday, 7 April 2016

Part VII A and B and Gray Nicholls - The Great War Part I

(NB.. Two parts again today, slight break from Andy, Michelle and Ghana for today as we go back to our mysteries new friend if that is the right word upstairs for Part 1 while Part 2 looks at Michelle)

(Also included is our second guest poet of the sequence, my good friend Gray Nicholls who asked me a few questions about what will be happening in future pieces of Ghost Story III, and who has second guessed me nicely considering all I said to him was the poem is in the middle of a Great War and produced two pieces, of which is this is the first (second will follow later). More of Gray's poems can be read here - 

Part VII

It first started with small animals

Maybe the odd squirrel
Or a Fox that was stupid enough
To wander towards it
Thinking it was a cat
It could kill

Then eventually cats itself

Kittens at first

Each kill barely feeding it’s hunger

Each kill barely feeding it’s yearning

Corrugated into its heart

Articulate in its intelligence
In the moonlight

Stepping out of the shadows
Whether by the undercroft

Or near the village
At the tip of the coach station,

Animal like knowing that
There was nothing
That they could do
To stop themselves

Even with death.

Part XII (B)

Amending her guilt 
Michelle full well knew
What the legend
Of the light bringer was,

And the last time
A being of such power
Did to the world

Sequining fireflies
Over hills
Like swallows

Elephants into
Suicide bombers

Of incredible powers 

Trees into
Buddhism temples

And fused oronments
Into living beings

‘I don’t understand’
Andy said confused.

‘It’s just a very old term
her people use
for bravery’
Michelle answered
Avoiding Ghana’s look.

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