Saturday, 9 April 2016

Part IX and Danielle Matthews - Lost Soul

(Who is the Man in Black? Read on and all shall be revealed.. well, maybe)

(Our third guest poet is a young writer from Stockport, who i met just before Ghost Story II
last year and has returned again this year with another excellent poem.

Danielle has a page on facebook which shares more details about her writing and also has a book on 
the way with Goya Press due for release later on this year) 

Part IX

Studying theories
The man in black
Remained on the outskirts

Wide awake in
The middle of the night

Crackling through
Ancient languages

Neuron red
Lost in the past

Teeming with anger
Knowing all too well
What was coming

But knowing
His time on
The chessboard

Was not quite yet.


Lost Soul

Keep the candles burning for me
a lost wanderer in halls unlit
roaming through the halls for thee
all other purpose rendered forfeit

My tears echo on the floor
an exclamation of woe on concrete
I see your face behind every door
and lament every moment 'til we meet.

So summon your courage and come inside
where the walls loom and keep guard
against intruders from the other side
come with mischievous intent from afar.

Come back to me in my darkest hour
which spans through corridors and years
My loneliness comes regularly to devour
and amplify the cacophony of agony and fears.

Keep the candles lit for me
give me hope that you'll return
give me light with which to see
Return once more back to me.

@ Danielle Matthews

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