Monday, 4 April 2016

Part IV

(NB.. For those who have been reading the prologues too will be wondering what creature i have been hinting at is at work in the background. This piece is a little hint)


The last one was found in 1972
The papers stated
The man in black
Found buried deep
Miles beneath the surface
In a old archive
Beneath the central library,

Discovered like a babe in arms
During the middle of the night
After his dog started barking
And afterwards wouldn’t go
In the back garden

For weeks afterwards 

Their eyes dead white
With a spear through the side
Indistinguablishable from that of a rat

Except from the nose and ears
Which made it look close

Almost too close to be human
Fluorescence in the rain
Over his back gate

With nothing but howling
Down the alleyway
Curved over
The nearby railway bridge
To greet him

Leading back
To the nearby boarded up
Underground bunkers. 

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