Sunday, 3 April 2016

Part III

(NB. After seeing Michelle yesterday, for Part III it kinds made sense that we see Andy again directly before we lead onto the next chapter or two and really get going

First of our guest poets will follow Monday or Tuesday and its a great start)

                                                                         Part III

Why he agreed to follow her
He didn’t know
After what had happened
Back up that tunnel
At the rail station

Let alone
How he leaped
Across the air
With that shooter
Almost like his will
Was no longer his own

Or the way
She just looked at him
With a terrified look
As he followed her

Into the old mail tunnel
‘You don’t have to come’

‘I know’ he responded
‘but who else would?’

answering without realising
there was more
to both of their words
than either of them

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