Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Part XVIV and Andrew Smith II

(Part 19 moving straight along takes Andy (from his point of view this time) and Michelle and Ghana out of the underground or project if you wish back to the streets and the village, explaining everything has changed even if you haven’t realised it)

(Also included is the second guest poem from my friend Andrew Smith)


Let’s take this street you said
Then the next and 
Walk past the amber light of
The clock of St Anne’s Church,

Next to the dusty smell of
The Royal Exchange 
Leading to Waterstones
Where bodies vanish over-night

Stare up at the caged moonlight
Looking at us 
Like a book of illusions 
Dipping into our skulls, 

Changing the meaning
Of all that I knew existed before
Within minutes of 
Walking out of the tunnel,


Movement in the dark, damp space II

The world seemed so dark
As I lay in this pit of misery
The memory of blood and fear was still so stark
A horror scene forever etched so grisly
They seemed so few at first
Feasting on friends I had worked with for years
But the iron warm scent brought more with a thirst
Teeth and claws, red eyes and pointed ears
It was supposed to have been a myth
Rat people of Manchester a joke
A tall tale to drink and toast with
Not the ripping of flesh and blood to soak!
I dare not move, or even breathe
All I could do was listen
As one by one they started to leave
Dragging varying sized lumps that seemed to glisten
When the coast seemed clear
And silence descended
My consciousness shifted a gear
Clarity of thought momentarily mended
I appeared to have been spared
My limbs seemed remarkably intact
On my feet I assessed how now the situation faired
Thoughts of flight mixed with fear totally wracked
No one would believe me
I’m now suspect one to the crime
I needed proof or never be free
Or be the most hated of my time...

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