Friday, 29 April 2016

Part XXIX A and B

(Nearly there - two more pieces leading to the end with the last I am expecting of my guest poems this year, the lovely Siofra Martin from Ireland. Enjoy)


Lucas stood there motionless
For a few seconds
Catching his breath
In a bass led heartbeating panic

Coma white in a chain led frenzy
Without a clue
Where he was
And dust dragging off his paws,

Sniffing his air in a vain attempt
To get his baring
Away from the light
Burning on his back

And fur half torn
All over his ears
Not to mention talons
All over the way back

‘What the hell did you do?’
he heard the words
following him all the way
back to the tunnel

and into the arms
of his people

barely aware of
what had just happened

and even less
of the deaths
he had caused
through no fault of his own.


‘What the hell did you just do?’
Michelle said stunned
Her fingers shaking
In murmured echoes.

‘I gave him peace’
Andy said in a tone
He didn’t regnoise
Cast out with a purpose,

‘He had been poisoned,
I cast it out’

Michelle looked at him
‘How the hell did you do that?’

‘I don’t know’
He collapsed.


I know you aren’t in front of me.

I know you aren’t in front of me.
 Don’t protest,
 I can see you sitting there
Head slightly tilted,
Glazed-eyed stare
Occasional grunts telling me to go on,
But body language screaming,
Are you nearly done?!?
Am I just boring..?
 Is there something wrong?
I’m starting to worry
There’s so much of you gone.
Where is your sparkle?
Your fire’s gone out
I miss your laughter
I hate your self-doubt
Your colours have faded
To all over grey,
You blend into back grounds
And have little to say
I’m not the only one who’s noticed a difference in you
How your smile’s now rarer than the rarest of jewels
How you’re slowly confirming what we all feared we knew

How you’re slowly retreating from those you love most
How little by little you’re becoming a ghost.

@ Siofra Martin

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