Monday, 11 April 2016

Part XI and Pete Slater - There's no such thing as Monsters

(NB.. Been at the dentist this morning myself when this bit was wrote and Bill could have been me seeing something he shouldn't have seen this morning)

Part XI

Struggling with a cracked tooth
Bill told the dentist afterwards
He wasn’t sure what he saw running
Across the tunnel
Next to Victoria,

Covered in paint
Swinging across the distance

Immersed in the sunrise
Flooding the tunnels
In a precipice pinpoint

Burnt out
Sinking into the weight
Of the freshly born day,

Tail hung sheepishly
Between its legs

Almost like it had been
Gnawing on something
It shouldn’t have
Been chewing on

And had been caught
Right in the act.


There's no such thing as Monsters

Don’t be afraid of the dark
There’s no such thing as monsters
Don’t dwell on horror stories
Or any of that nonsense
Don’t bother looking under the bed
You’ll find no demons there
Don’t listen too hard either
To the creaking of the stairs
Don’t see the face of a vampire
Reflected in the glass
Don’t fear the cloak of darkness
The night time will soon pass
Ignore the thoughts
Racing round your head
Dismiss any stories
Of werewolves or the undead
Could there really be
A walking cadaver?
With eye balls white
And a mouth that slavers
Even if reality
Could be stretched
There’s wouldn’t be any place here
For that kind of wretch
 “They’ve got pointed teeth!!”
“And they fly like bats!!”
Tell me honestly
Do you believe that?
Cowled, and caped
And sleeping in a coffin
Even if you suspend reality
And believe in fantasy crossing
The ever shifting line between
Fact and fiction
To a netherworld
Full of contradictions.
As night is banished
 By the breaking dawn
You’ll see a fold in the blanket
Was the Devil’s spawn
What you imagined
In the dark was nonsense
Because you see
There’s no such thing as monsters.

© Pete Slater.

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