Saturday, 23 April 2016

Part XXIII (A and B)

(Two more pieces today - i nearly didn't blog the first but the tenderness counterbalances off the madness of Part B)


Coughing slightly
once she had finished hugging him
Ghana spoke
she brimmed
bleached in the sunset.

'Ghana, it's been a while'
He smiled.

It had been a while.

Too long for both of them.


Flitering through the estary
Chisteled in clay
The last kill
Was reckless
Even he knew that

Diving out of the shadows
Towards a group of men
At the edge of the river
Trying to tell them to run
Only creating laughter,

Laughter until he nearly
Killed one of them
And fists began hitting

His side,

And the rat in him
Became a wolf

And madness covered
The moon.

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